Character Creation

Races (also see Races Backgrounds)


  • Adaptable (+2): Humans begin play with one free Edge.
  • Charaismatic (+2): Humans are naturally charismatic and start with a d6 of spirit instead of a d4.
  • Bad Luck (-2): Humans have to carve their own way in the world with less help from the beyond. One less benny.


  • Low Light Vision (+1): Dwarven eyes are accustomed to the dark of the underearth. They ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Slow (-1): Dwarves have a Pace of 5".
  • Tough (+2): Dwarves are stout and tough. They start with a d6 Vigor instead of a d4.


  • Agile (+2): Elves are graceful and agile. They start with a d6 in Agility instead of a d4.
  • Keen Vision (+1): +2 to Notice visual obscurities.
  • Scrawny (-1): Even the strongest of Elves have skinner bodies then most. Load limit is 4 x strength instead of 5×.


  • Sturdy (+2): Gnomes are hardy creatures. They begin play with a d6 Vigor instead of a d4.
  • Slow (-1): Gnomes have a Pace of 5".
  • Small (-2): -1 Toughness.
  • Smart (+2): Gnomes are naturally the smartest race and start with a d6 of Smarts.
  • Low Light Vision (+1): Gnomes’ eyes amplify light like a cat, allowing them to see in the dark. They ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.


  • Living Construct ( +3): Warforged are living constructs made from organic and inorganic matter and are capable of emotions and conscious thought. They are immune to poison and disease. Warforged also do not need to breath and cannot die from drowning, but they can still sink below the surface if Incapacitated from enough Fatigue levels. Warforged cannot heal naturally, and use of the healing or greater healing power on them suffers a -4 penalty on the Arcane Skill roll. A warforged can be mended with a successful Repair roll or the repair power.
  • Poor (-2): Warforged have no starting wealth, but they at least have the weapons/equipment they were given when forged.
  • Steel Fists (+1): Warforged may attack with their fists and deal Strength + d6 damage.
  • Slaves (-2): Warforged are not seen as people but are instead the slave workers of the world. Additionally, warforged have difficulty relating to other creatures making them seem aloof or even hostile. As such, warforged have -4 charisma.
  • Vigilant (+2): Warforged do not need to eat, drink, or sleep, but they must enter a state of inactivity for at least 4 consecutive hours or suffer Fatigue as though they have not slept. While in this state, they are recharging and act like all other sleeping people.


  • Bite (+1): Ratmen have a large rat mouth that they can use to bite as a natural weapon for Strength + d6 damage.
  • Smell (-2): All ratmen no matter how well they take care of themselves are seen as outsiders and have a -4 to charisma.
  • Keen Sense (+1): +2 to Notice when using hearing.
  • Smart (+2): Ratmen are naturally the smartest race and start with a d6 of Smarts. (do not tell the Gnomes)
  • Motion Sickness (-1): Ratmen have always lived either in the city or under it. Whenever the character makes a trip by plane, boat, car, or other fast moving vehicle for more than an hour, s/he must make a Vigor roll. If s/he fails, s/he has -1 pace and -1 to hit when using any ranged weapon.

Gods (These are not like D&D gods they are the people who did amazing things and are in someway worshiped. In D&D terms these are people who hit level 30 and did it in a way that the rest of the world took notice.)

Kark (god of machines) (symbol is a gear) Gave the world the gift of the Warforged and blimps.
Tretous (god of nature) (symbol is a leaf) Looks over the natural life
Darkson (god of death, decay, and poison) (symbol is a axe) God of the dead
Hearth (god of life, healing) (symbol is a goblet) God of living things
Grodor (god of money, and greed) (symbol is a golden mask) God on a pile of money
Dotoor (god of giving) (symbol is a bread) The god of giving things away


Allowing arcane backgrounds of Magic, Psionics, and Weird Science.


Using the modern armor and weapons. Most of the special weapons could be bought but maybe more steampunk or expensive then normal. This is the age before computers. All watercraft exist. All aircraft are available but they are the equivalent blimp aircraft. There are also jetpacks. (TODO: make jetpacks) Motorcycles are the most popular car especially in the city. Cars do exist but are rare as most people use air or water travel to get around.


The culture of the city is very relaxed and modern. There is very little racialism of any kind (this extends to undead one of the mob families is a family of vampires). The only thing that is illegal is Grodor as he represents only pure greed. The other illegal things are drugs and normal bad things like theft and murder.

Character Creation

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