New Metalopolis

New Metalopolis is the largest city in the world. Home to every race in the world (at least the good kind).


The city was founded by a group of humans that first came to the area to exterminate the ratmen in a near by catacomb. The city is now the hub of most trade in the world with people sailing for days to deliver goods. The city was first founded by Cuthbert and his small army sent by a near by kingdom to estirmanate the ratmen in the Caford catacombs that are now below the city. After it was discovered that the ratmen were not monsters the town was found next to the river Buqoai. The town was originally named Lawold but when the original Metalopolis town which was a coastal city near the Silent Sea burned down instead of rebuilding most of the 200 residents moved to New Metalopolis which is when it was renamed as most of original Cuthbert men had moved on.


The city is the largest trade post in the world. Many places from around the world send ships to the city to then be sent to the Kingdom of Gaham to the north. As well as the united Taford states to the south. The city itself is not apart of either county but has an agreement with Taford for military protection which is accomplished out of the Byton fort which is south of the city. The city also has many exports which include the warforged, airships, and magical ingredients from the Caford catacombs.

Parts of the city

The city has 4 parts kind of like the burrows of New York
Denhoff (The Floating Inland)
The East Side
The West Side
The Fronx (The bottom area)

Near by places

Kingdom of Gaham: Is a large kingdom to the north of the city. Most of the kingdom is on a large dessert. It is hanging on to its traditions of old. The kingdom is mostly humans.
Taford states: Made up of smaller states. Taford is a county of many freedoms and diverse population.
Byton fort The fort is south of city and main purpose is to make sure the city is defended. Security of the actual city is handled by the police.
Old Metalopolis: The town was a small coastal fishing town on the Silent Sea. Then one day the town caught on fire and most of the building were lost.

New Metalopolis

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