The East Side

If the west side is the old world then the east is the new. The three main features on the east side is the lucky star casino, warforge factory, and the hospital. The mob family that basicly owns this part of the city is the Malcoch family. This side of the city also provides the following.


Pip near the top of the west side. Run by a Warforge by the name of Omulf. Place has a large number of pipes threw out the place that mix drinks and deliver the them to the tables. All secret in the walls.

The ss flying glass. Run by a group of Gnomes. Imas, Dalbo, and Narder. It is run out of a large airship that constantly flies around the middle area of the canyon. Each day the ship takes a new route that to avoid the cops.

The top hat. Run by a Elf Celalwe. She throws a black tie party at least 3 times a week. Only the most trusted people are allowed in.

The black lizard. Run by a Dwarf Glinan. It is in a secret a location in the town and you must be invited to join. It is the perfect place to watch a man fight a bear or buy any kind of drug. Also the only speak easy openly run by the mob.


Clucky Duck’s (general store with several locations in the city) Run by Khundu Drawf. Sells general supplies and food. Employes are Iras Drawf, Emmas Elf, Mery Human, Griffin Human, Inar Gnome, Eardwulf Human.

The iron star (gun store) Run by Lother Human.


Its a secret.

The East Side

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